The notion of Achievable Security

Instead, a solution that is easier with a relatively strong sense of security can also be ideal. This is where the Ballet wallet comes into play. The Ballet wallet was designed to marry both diametrically opposing concepts of simplicity and security together.

Ballet Crypto App x WalletConnect

The Ballet wallet is amped up to announce the usage of WalletConnect within our Ballet Crypto app to allow more functionality and interoperability between DeFi dapps and wallet technology. 

Ballet x Malca-Amit

For extra premium security for your secured Ballet wallets. Today we are proud to announce a new collaboration with Malca-Amit to provide insured cryptocurrency vaulting services. Malca-Amit is an industry-leading logistics services provider specializing in physical security for luxury goods, precious metals, precious gems, rare art, and other high-value items. We are excited to share […]

How does the Ballet wallet support multi-cryptocurrencies?

You receive your Ballet wallet and obviously notice bitcoin as the primary coin on the physical wallet. After downloading and opening the Ballet Crypto app, you then activate the ability to support other multi-cryptocurrencies through the app…

How does this work? Where are the other cryptocurrencies’ private keys? How does our wallet support other crypto networks, as well as bitcoin?

The Ballet Crypto Ecosystem is growing…

A crypto wallet should be a living, breathing cold storage solution capable of interoperability with multi-chain assets.

The Ballet wallet has evolved what it means to just being a crypto wallet by expanding its burgeoning digital asset ecosystem.

Ballet x SWFT

Today we are announcing a new partnership with another exchange service provider, SWFT. At the moment, the Ballet Crypto App’s exchange functionality leverages the services of ChangeNOW and Changelly. By onboarding the exchange services of SWFT, we feel that our users can have more variety and options when exchanging their crypto.  At Ballet, we believe […]

Our takeaways from 2 conferences in 2 different countries in 2 months.

After attending 2 major conferences in 2 major countries over the past 2 months, the proverbial phrase of “we are still 2 early” continues to ring true. From Bitcoin2021 in Miami to the World Blockchain Conference 2021 by 8BTC in Hangzhou, there were many instances of naive questions/comments from passerbyers that just completely struck us […]

PURE Series Promotion

Hello again, we hope you have been enjoying the bull run of 2021. We especially hope you have been making smart security and storage choices for your crypto assets! After all, a rise in the valuation of your assets should always be followed with a commensurate hike in vigilance.  By now you are undoubtedly familiar […]


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