Ballet x SWFT

Today we are announcing a new partnership with another exchange service provider, SWFT. At the moment, the Ballet Crypto App’s exchange functionality leverages the services of ChangeNOW and Changelly. By onboarding the exchange services of SWFT, we feel that our users can have more variety and options when exchanging their crypto. 

At Ballet, we believe in self-custody of one’s one crypto rather than leaving them on an exchange (You can read more about that here). The myriad examples of exchange hacks and loss of funds from these scenarios can be devastating for many, and unfortunately gives a bad image to the whole industry. But the educational efforts on our part in evangelizing why holding your own private keys is more safe is an ongoing effort that we continue to move forward with.

This is why we have integrated the exchange functionality within the Ballet Crypto App. This allows users to exchange or swap crypto safely without ever having to leave the app. And without ever having to give up custody of your crypto. Now by partnering up with SWFT, along with ChangeNOW and Changelly, exchanging crypto in a decentralized manner has never been easier nor safer than ever before!

How do I exchange cryptocurrency in the Ballet Crypto mobile app?

  • Open the app and tap the virtual wallet card of the Ballet wallet you want to exchange cryptocurrency in.
  • Tap the menu icon in the top-right corner of the Wallet page and select “Exchange”.
  • On the Exchange Crypto page, select the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange and enter the amount you want to exchange.
  • Agree to the terms of service and tap “Next”.
  • Enter your wallet passphrase and tap “Next”.
  • Scan the encrypted private key.
  • Verify that the transaction details are correct and tap “Exchange Now”.

About SWFT Blockchain

Founded in 2017, SWFT Blockchain is a next-generation, worldwide cross-chain swap protocol and payment network. SWFT Blockchain’s technology combines blockchain, machine learning and big data to enable direct swaps between over 300 cryptocurrencies on 30+ public chains. Offering a fast, affordable, and secure experience, SWFT Blockchain’s transfer protocol allows users to swap cryptocurrencies at the best rates, in record speeds and with super low fees. SWFT Blockchain is currently the go-to protocol for cross-chain swaps between DeFi and CeFi currencies, stablecoins, and more. 

Some of SWFT Blockchain’s most remarkable milestones include:

  •  Receiving investment from top VCs, such as Draper Dragon
  •  Being selected for the first cohort of startups at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator
  •  Listing over 200 cryptocurrencies for direct swaps
  •  Enabling a daily trading volume of 100 BTC
  •  Partnering with over 40 trading platforms to enable optimal cross-chain swaps.