Father’s Day is coming up!

Happy Father’s Day from Ballet!

On this celebrated day every year, sons and daughters across the world have a chance to truly honor their fathers and important paternal figures in their lives. This is not to say that this is the only day of the year to do so, but it’s a special designated day of the year to take time out of our busy lives to show our fathers the same appreciation and love that was given upon all of us since birth. 

Although the history of Father’s Day goes back centuries with different regions having their own local variation, the intent is similar in nature. Being a father places certain responsibilities and importance within a family that are irreplaceable. From being the protector, to helping rear his children, or even helping with the dishes, despite what responsibilities are expected, the accumulation of these responsibilities can have a lasting impact on children as they grow older and start to resonate more with their father’s actions. 

“Father’ is the noblest title a man can be given. It is more than a biological role. It signifies a patriarch, a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend.” – Robert L. Backman

Source: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/the-ultimate-collection-of-quotes-about-fatherhood/

In the book, “The Promise of Bitcoin”, Bobby Lee makes it apparent throughout the book on the influence his grandfather and father had on his life. From the way his childhood was shaped, to his education, to his values on life and money, the accomplishments of Bobby Lee exemplifies the knowledge and influence brought down from both his grandfather and father.

“To my grandfather, William Sze Tsen Lee,

For always loving me and believing in me.

You were the quintessential businessman;

You gave me the confidence and

Inspiration to be an entrepreneur.”

An opening statement by Bobby Lee in this book, The Promise of Bitcoin

Bobby’s paternal figures, starting from his great-grandfather, grandfather, and down to his father, have all had a profound impact on Bobby’s upbringing. As the proverbial phrase goes, “Like Father, Like Son”, certain aspects of each of their lives is ironically reflected in what Bobby has become today. For instance, Bobby’s great grandfather was a high-ranking official in the salt administration of Jiangsu, China. Salt has been widely-used as a currency since ancient times. This legacy is mirrored by Bobby’s leadership in the world of Bitcoin, modern time’s new form of digital currency. Bobby’s grandfather’s treacherous journey to Hong Kong with gold bars sewn into his pants is emblematic of his appreciation for the most widely accepted store of value at the time. And it was Bobby’s fond memories of his father taking him to open his first bank account, teaching him how to budget, save, and bank. Initially opening his eyes to the traditional way of banking and eventually leading to his own personal questioning of the status quo of traditional finance.

“…Or as my entrepreneurial grandparents and parents instilled in me: have the courage of your convictions…Perhaps I inherited some of their boldness. I mined bitcoin in 2011, when hardly anyone outside the founding circle and some other technology adventurists had even heard of it…But for me, Bitcoin never felt completely new. It possessed a familiar quality. At first i couldn’t pinpoint the feeling, but then i realized Bitcoin was the virtual equivalent of gold, the substance that my great-grandmother’s family was named after; that my paternal grandparents had concealed in their clothes to start a new life in noncommunist Hong Kong; and that my family revered and collected for generations…”

Excerpt from The Promise of Bitcoin

Although the roles of fathers are slowly changing in today’s society, the undertones of what it means to be a father is still there: to love, care, protect, and teach their children.

During the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, one of Ballet’s top customers and diehard bitcoiner came with his grandson tagging along. When asked why he brought his grandson to the conference he responded:

“I had a number of reasons to bring him with me. Firstly he loves crypto, especially Bitcoin. Secondly, he wanted to win the Lambo (he loves Lambo’s lol). And thirdly, the most important reason to have brought him is that he deeply wants to learn about crypto and sees the fundamental flaw that any fiat system has.”

Pictured left: Diehard Ballet user and his grandson at the Bitcoin2021 Conference in Miami. Picture right: The diehard Ballet user’s grandson and Bobby Lee at the Ballet booth at Bitcoin2021.

As many would say, Bitcoin represents hope and the ability to securely store your hard earned wealth in a long lasting manner. Wealth, which was earned through hard work instilled by your father. So on this upcoming Father’s Day, why not consider gifting your father or paternal figure in your life the gift of bitcoin, as a way to encapsulate the love and teachings that was handed down to you. As we pride our Ballet wallets to be the safest, easiest, and most giftable wallet in the world, gifting bitcoins via the Ballet wallet is the most natural choice.