Beware of a FAKE Bobby Lee (on Instagram)!!!

Beware of a FAKE Bobby Lee (on Instagram)!!!



ALERT: Instagram account ‘bobbyballetcrypto’ is a FAKE ACCOUNT. Do NOT interact with this account. He/She/They are scammers.

The REAL Instagram account of Bobby Lee is bobbyclee2021.

Over the past year, we have been alerted by multiple friends, colleagues, Ballet customers and users regarding an account on Instagram personally impersonating our Founder and CEO, Bobby Lee, to take advantage of other people on social media. The name of this impersonator’s account is bobbyballetcrypto. See the below screenshot for who you should avoid interacting with on Instagram.

Although this account may look real with its high number of followers on its profile screen, what is more concerning is that this account has attempted multiple times to manipulate people into scams. Whether it be falsely telling people of a profitable investment, privately messaging people to lure them into conniving schemes, proposing bitcoin OTC deals, attempting to form “joint partnerships”, or even trying to set up a video Skype call with people to “prove” they are the real Bobby Lee.

For example in the below screenshot, this fake bobbyballetcrypto was trying to lure an innocent person into investing in the most blatant, scammish trading bot program.

In another instance, this impersonator tried scamming a person into a “private investment opportunity” and even conducted a Skype video call with the person hiding his face while using broken English. To reiterate, Ballet’s Founder and CEO (the real Bobby Lee), is a native English speaker. If you come across a scammer using broken English trying to impersonate him, that should be the first red flag.

The below screenshot was a private email to the real Bobby Lee from a victim of that impersonator.

This account first surfaced last year in 2020 and up to date, we have escalated this issue to Instagram numerous times on separate occasions about this account. We have reported this impersonator account to Instagram through the real Bobby Lee’s personal Instagram account, through our Ballet team’s account, and have encouraged others to also alert Instagram of this account. Unfortunately, Instagram has not been helpful in dealing with this issue and are disappointed in their lack of urgency on this matter. Despite the numerous times we have reported this issue to them, they have neglected to fulfill their responsibility in combating fraudsters and accounts that are impersonating other people. According to the screenshot below, impersonating others and providing inaccurate information is violating their Terms of Service. Instagram needs to raise their standards and best practices in policing fake accounts. It is harmful to their platform, to the platform’s users, and also to the victims that are being impersonated.

The Instagram website does provide a form for one to report an account that is impersonating another. Our Founder and CEO has already submitted this report multiple times with a picture of him and with his government-issued ID. But like we have mentioned earlier, these efforts were to no avail. Instagram still has not taken any steps to remove the fraudster account. Therefore, we would appreciate it if all of you in the community can help report this fraudster account bobbyballetcrypto by hitting ‘Report’ as shown below:

In conclusion, please DO NOT interact with the Instagram account bobbyballetcrypto. It is an account impersonating the real Bobby Lee and trying to scam people.

The real Instagram account of Ballet’s Founder & CEO, Bobby Lee, is bobbyclee2021:

His real Twitter account @bobbyclee:

Bobby Lee has built his reputation and that of Ballet’s through hard work and does not want someone else taking advantage of it. Please help spread around this message, and we hope that we can get the full attention of Instagram’s management and fraud escalation team. In the meantime, the lesson to learn is to always be on the lookout for scammers. In this age of social media, scammers are everywhere. Beware!