Making The XRP Spark Airdrop Easy

Ballet will provide full support for the upcoming “airdrop” of free Flare Network Spark tokens to XRP holders. In the crypto world, an airdrop is a method of launching a new cryptocurrency network by issuing coins/tokens to holders of an existing coin/token. Flare Network is a new blockchain smart contract platform that will be launched by this method. Whenever a cryptocurrency becomes the fortunate beneficiary of an airdrop, it is a happy event for holders of that coin. Even though there is no assurance that an airdropped coin will ever be worth anything in the market, the extensive history of cryptocurrency forks and airdrops proves that the idea of getting something for free has an enduring appeal. Some of them succeed, most fail, but forks and airdrops will continue to be a part of the crypto landscape for the foreseeable future.

We have received many requests from members of the XRP community to ensure that Ballet wallets will support the Spark token airdrop. We try to support every hard fork or airdrop that has proven to be technically stable and for which their is sufficient interest from the public, so we listened to the significant demand for Spark and worked quickly to make it happen.

There is a multi-step registration process that XRP holders must complete before the airdrop “snapshot date” (December 12) in order to become eligible to claim and receive free Spark tokens (45 billion total supply). Ballet makes the process incredibly easy and safe. We provide an open-source tool that will guide you through the entire process of registering and claiming your Spark tokens. We have tried to hide the technical complexity and make the user experience simple enough for global mainstream adoption. When you complete the claiming process, the tokens will be sent to your physical Ballet wallet. Once the airdrop transaction is complete, you can use the Ballet Crypto app to monitor and manage your Spark tokens along with all of the other 70+ cryptocurrencies and tokens that we currently support.

If you hold XRP on a cryptocurrency exchange that has not confirmed it will support the Spark airdrop, you probably want to consider transferring your XRP to a wallet where you alone control your cryptographic private keys. It would be a pity if the exchange holding your XRP decided not to participate in the airdrop and you never get the free tokens that should rightfully be yours. Always remember: Not your keys, not your coins.

To commemorate the launch of Flare Network Spark token, please consider buying a simple and elegant Ballet REAL Series XRP edition wallet, now available at the Ballet Store: