Celebrating Ballet’s Customers (and Announcing Selfie Contest Winners)

Until Bobby Lee founded Ballet in 2019, the concept of a physical, non-electronic cryptocurrency wallet designed for the mainstream market had not occurred to anyone. Based on his extensive experience in the industry, Bobby came to understand the major difficulties for ordinary, non-technical people to acquire and store cryptocurrency. Devoted crypto users often take for granted the fact that using cryptocurrency securely is not easy for mainstream people who don’t have knowledge of computers. To address this unmet need, Bobby invented the cryptocurrency cold storage product now known as the Ballet REAL Series wallet.

In early 2019 Ballet raised 3 million dollars in seed round financing led by Ribbit Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that has invested in Coinbase, Xapo, Robinhood, and other notable fintech companies. Since then, after a lot of hard work and iteration, our vision of bringing an easy, safe, reliable cryptocurrency storage solution for the mainstream market has become a reality. 

We are proud of the progress we have made. Ballet physical wallets have been sold to customers in 90 countries and they currently secure more than 21 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency in aggregate. These data points clearly show growing use and trust in Ballet. We strongly believe that these positive trends will continue as the ongoing Bitcoin bull market gains momentum.

In 2020 Ballet launched additional product lines to supplement the flagship REAL Series. The PRO Series, with customized BIP38 passphrases and triple backup, was designed for advanced cryptocurrency users. The Bitcoin Block is a rare collectible for elite Bitcoin investors. The REAL Pizza Series is a stealth wallet – it doesn’t have any words or symbols identifying it as cryptocurrency-related. Third-party cryptocurrency exchange service has been integrated into the Ballet Crypto companion app. And there’s much more in the pipeline.

None of our progress would have been possible without our generous customers being open minded and giving Ballet a chance. To you early adopters, we offer our sincere gratitude. We will continue working to meet and exceed your expectations, and ensure that you always have peace of mind about your cryptocurrency holdings.  

Not only are Ballet customers geographically and culturally diverse, they are passionate about Bitcoin and actively promote it in their communities. Our recent selfie contest garnered over 100 submissions from around the world. You can see their wonderful smiles reflect the excitement and optimism we all feel as we live through this financial revolution.

The winners of the selfie contest ($3,000 worth of BTC prizes) are:

First prize: Dan — Indiana, USA

First prize: Sebastian — Hawaii, USA

First prize: Bello — Abeokuta, Nigeria

Second prize: Mike — Toronto, Canada

Second prize: Cory — Illinois, USA

Second prize: Babao — Jieyang, China

Third prize: Kyle — New York, USA

Third prize: C. — Florida, USA

Third prize: P. — Innsbruck, Austria

Third prize: Jimoh — Ilorin, Nigeria

Third prize: Matthieu — Shanghai, China